The Miraculous Well

The Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew describes the well conjured up by Jesus: 

'Raise thyself, O palm tree, and be strong, and be the companion of my trees, which are in the paradise of my Father; and open from thy roots a vein of water which has been hid in the earth, and let the waters flow, so that we may be satisfied from thee.'
   And it rose up immediately, and at its root there began to come forth a spring of water exceedingly clear and cool and sparkling. And when they saw the spring of water, they rejoiced with great joy, and were satisfied, themselves and all their cattle and their beasts. (Chapter 20) 

This scene is presented in this detail from an altarpiece by Melchior Broderlam (left):  Altdorfer gives us the same scene, but with a far more elaborate and impressive well, even if the view of Jesus is a little undignified.

Musée des Beaux-Arts, Dijon

Staatliche Museen, Berlin

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