Abraham and Isaac - early images

A sarcophagus, now in the Vatican, dating from 300 - 325.  What would seem to be a random collection of Christian images from the New and Old testaments, though the theme of resurrection is important, appropriately for the sarcophagus's function. At the extreme top right Lazarus is emerging from his tomb. Below the sacrifice of Isaac (top register, to the right of the round image of the couple, detailed image below) Daniel is surviving his ordeal in the lion's den.
On the right above: a mid fourth century fresco from the Catacomb della Via Latina.

Mosaic from San Vitale, Ravenna: mid sixth century. The scene shows the angels bringing the news of the birth of Isaac to Abraham and an amused Sarah. Abraham is feeding the angels. The image has a great sense of balance; on the left, Abraham hands over the cooked lamb, symbol of sacrifice, while the scene of the sacrifice of Isaac is on the right.

Left above: detail of a relief on the shaft of the West Cross at Monasterboice, county Louth, Ireland. 10th century.
Right above: illuminated page from the  Echmiadzin Gospels, created in the monastery of Bgheno-Noravank, Armenia, c 989.

Mosaic from the cathedral of Monreale, Sicily: c1180 - 1194.

National Library of Wales

Collection de l’ecole de beaux-arts, Paris.

Pages from illuminated manuscripts. Left above: page from theSherbrooke Missal, c 1310 – 1320 created in East Anglia.
  Right above: page from the Tree of Jesse MS, French, c 1290.

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