The Pala d'Oro: angels, apostles, prophets.

The angels
At first glance the 'Heavenly Host' of archangels looks rather repetitive, but it is not: what is impressive is the subtle change of stance as the angels move towards the image of Christ Pantocrator and begin to bow.

The apostles

 The apostles look forwards in rigid Byzantine style. At this period, images of the apostles did not include the attributes, familiar in later art, that enable the viewer to identify them. Having said that, the final apostle in the left-hand row (below) is almost certainly Peter, with his grey beard and location at the right hand of Christ. The fourth figure in the left hand row is not an apostle; his costume shows him to be a patriarch of Constantinople. The first figure in the right-hand row would appear to be St Mark.

Perhaps the most intriguing group.They all have names inscribed on their images, but these are difficult to interpret.  Attempts have been made, with these results.
Left hand group.  1 Isaiah,  2 Nahum,  3 Zephaniah (or possibly Jeremiah) 4. Daniel , 5 Moses,  6 Ezekiel. 


Right hand group. 1 David,  2 Elijah (?)  3 Zachariah, 4 Habakkuk, 5 Malachi, 6 Solomon. 
On to the central panel: Christ, the Evangelists, and the figures below.

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