Left door upper panels

                                                Annunciation                                                    Nativity                                                       Flight into Egypt

                                Cleansing the temple                     Baptism, and the calling of the Apostles            Christ and the Evangelists
It might be assumed that the panels would  be in chronological order, but this does not always happen, as in this case. 'Cleansing the temple' is probably the best fit for this panel, which shows two figures selling pascal lambs. It is not clear what the other figure is holding.

                                  Entry into Jerusalem                                The Washing of the Feet                                      The Last Supper

                                 The Arrest of Christ                                       The Way of the Cross                                           Christ before Herod
Once again the sequence looks wrong, with The Way of the Cross appearing before Christ before Herod. The identification of the third panel is difficult; could the seated figure be in fact Pilate?
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