St. Jerome - myth and reality.

Jerome is one of the most popular non-biblical figures in religious art. Unlike characters from the Bible, we have plenty of documentation  about his life and character, much of it first hand from Jerome himself. And yet, like the characters in the Bible, a whole mythology grew up about the life of this man, much of it from unreliable if not downright apocryphal sources. This study looks at both the myth and reality of one of Christianity's most fascinating - and curmudgeonly - characters. 

Who was he?

In the wilderness - temptation and penitence

Jerome the scholar

Life with the lion

Saint Paula and Saint Eustochium

Iconography of St Jerome

Visions of St. Jerome

St Augustine's vision

The death of St Jerome

Doctors of the Church

Lucas Cranach: Cardinal Albrecht of Brandenburg as Saint Jerome

St Jerome in the wilderness 
Lorenzo Monaco (Private collection)

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