Saint Mark and Venice

Who's really there?

The high altar, Basilica di San Marco, Venice


    Venetians should stop reading at this point. What I am going to say may cause offence.    

     In 391, encouraged by the Patriarch Theophilus, Christian monks ran amok in Alexandria, destroying all the pagan temples. The most sacred pagan relic in town was the body of Alexander the Great, and, according to Andrew Chugg, 
In The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great,  (2004) the pagan priests may have come up with a cunning plan to save it. They could have substituted the body of  Alexander for that of St Mark, knowing that the thuggish monks would then respect it. Thus the body stolen over four hundred years later, and which supposedly still lies beneath the high altar in the Basilica, is in fact the Pagan Alexander. Oh dear.
    If you don't like the idea, don't worry, not everyone accepts this theory. iI fact very few seem to, and it is certainly not a popular one  in Venice. 

Could it be him? Mosaic of Alexander, Archaeological Museum, Naples

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